Co-host of Royal Funeral Ceremony for the late King Rama IX 


TPAC,TPCC, MEPT and TDIC, MEP-TCA, MHTL have a co-host of Royal Funeral Ceremony for the late King Rama IX , on April 21, 2017 , 10 am. at  DusitMahaPrasat Throne hall, the Grand palace. 






Environment Good Governance Flags

         TPAC&TPCC received Golden Star Flags on occasion of continuously              

             receiving Green Flags for 6 years on February 28th, 2014.



                   Environment Good Governance Flags1      Environment Good Governance Flags2


Phapa Offering with Communities in Ban Chang

         TPAC&TPCC donated for phapa offering with communities in Ban Chang Area in order to build a learning & development center on March 13th, 2014.



Phapa 2014


Scholarship Presentation with Islam community  


       TPAC&TPCC joined with Islam Community to present scholarship for student and elder people that earned from community enterprise on March 24th, 2014, and TPAC&TPCC is the 2nd ranking company that supported Islam’s community enterprise such as gardeners and car service.


                           Scholarship Presentation3          Scholarship Presentation4